MARS Platform

A cloud service to comprehensively utilize
the technology of the MARS FLAG search platformer
Functions based on the technology of the search platformer
can be easily incorporated into websites and applications
by API integration.
Using MARS FLAG technology to build websites quickly and easily
MARS Platform is a cloud service to comprehensively utilize the technology of MARS FLAG, which can be used as a back-end function for websites and applications via the Internet. You can quickly and easily incorporate a variety of advanced functions by API integration without building a heavy system in-house.
What is API?
API (Application Programming Interface) refers to a specification for exchanging information between applications and software. When providing a new service, it becomes possible to use functions and services that have already been in operation somewhere else by using API, without the need for developing an entire system. This not only reduces the time and cost required for system development, but also makes it easier to incorporate more professional functions into the service.


Use MARS Platform when...
You want to "automatically set categories" by "embedding estimated labels" in the web page
You want to "automatically produce" a list page that "summarizes" contents
You want to "automatically display" a news release list page
You want to improve the accuracy of recommendations from marketing automation tools by "automatically tagging" "the top 10 keywords" that represent the content described in the site
You want to "automatically realize" "UX for mobile users", the creation of which entailed much work in the past
Examples of utilization


Some of the APIs provided by MARS Platform
  • Crawler API
    1. Output of crawl results in various file formats
    2. Extraction of data required to generate sitemap.xml
    3. Acquisition of a list of URLs that can be reached by crawling
    4. Getting 404 error list
  • Data integration API
    1. Introduction to search engines of products, merchandise, and content data managed and operated in-house
    2. Introduction to search engines of suggestion data managed and operated in-house
  • Search API
    1. Acquisition of search results
    2. Acquisition of search logs
  • Suggest API
    1. Acquisition of suggestion information
    2. Acquisition of suggestion log
  • Label estimation API
    1. Acquisition of label information
    2. Acquisition of label list
  • Document summary API
    1. Acquisition of summary results
  • Sentiment (PN) Analysis API
    1. Determine whether entered text is negative or positive
  • Scraping API
    1. Obtain all text from the main body of content of entered URL and DOM structure
  • Categorize API (alpha version)
    1. Predict labels for the content of entered URL and classify into categories

For other APIs, please feel free to contact us.

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