A quality control service
that automatically detects website problems
This service automatically discovers website problems such as broken links and missing images,
and realizes prompt quality improvement and optimization of the website.
It can be easily installed, and there is no need to attach tags.
Analyzing website problems and displaying their scores
A website has come to play an important role as a place to communicate with customers who have visited it through search engines, advertisements and social media. Therefore, if problems such as broken links or missing images occur, these can lead to an increased likelihood of causing reputational damage or lost opportunities. The MARS QUALITY website quality management service supports smooth communication between companies and customers by reducing such risks. MARS QUALITY, highly regarded for its reliable results, is currently used by many companies, organizations, and government offices.
What are some website problems?
Common problems include broken links, missing images, outdated content, to name a few. These website problems may damage your reputation, lower down your SEO, and eventually cause you to lose clients and customers.


Effects of installing MARS QUALITY
  • Quality optimization
    Website problems are automatically detected and notified to help Improve website quality and better your SEO.
  • Satisfying user experience
    We have worked many websites of companies, organizations and government offices, etc., and prove that a well-qualified website leads to customer satisfaction.
  • Free from manual checking
    No overlooked trivial quality problems. Automatic check drastically reduces time compare to manual check and avoid communication misses.
Why choose MARS QUALITY?


Features of MARS QUALITY
  • Clear work results
    Changes in website quality are displayed chronologically in graphs. Quality improvements can be confirmed visually and serve as performance indicators.
  • Schedule your check
    Periodic quality checks can be carried out automatically. You are also free to perform special checks anytime when there are any website updates.
  • Know your website well
    Unlike using FTP clients, our analytical graphs are presented in a directory tree. These graphs allow you to know your website even better when adding, deleting files or linking to external websites.
  • Pricing per pages
    This is a monthly subscription-based cloud service whose usage fee is determined by the number of website pages on which a quality check was performed. Since its usage fee does not change depending on the number of users, all members involved in website operation, such as webmasters, public relations staff, and production companies, can make full use of it.
  • Easy operation
    This is a cloud service that does not require equipment purchase, maintenance, or monitoring. It is not even necessary to attach tags or install files on your website. You can start checking the quality of your website within a few days after signing the contract, and immediately thereafter you can start improving your website even if it is large-scale and full of problems.
  • Finding orphaned pages and files
    Remove unnecessary broken links or orphaned links from your website to avoid serious problems such as security or compliance violations.
  • Global operation compatible with any language
    MARS QUALITY can check the quality of websites in any language, regardless of the display language of the website.
  • Ascertain distribution of problems
    MARS QUALITY automatically checks website quality and ascertains problems that tend to occur repeatedly and their locations.
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