MARS EmoTech

AI Chatbot Service
that you can talk to casually
This service draws to-the-point output from a wide variety of learning data
and handles technical questions using in-depth learning data.
It also links seamlessly to the website search service.
  • You can try it from the icon at the bottom of the screen.
AI Chatbot Service
that links seamlessly to website search

The response potential of AI Chatbot Service MARS EmoTech can be further enhanced by letting it learn information on corporate websites and data specific to various fields. In addition, by linking seamlessly to Website Search MARS FINDER, the service provides a meaningful response that will meet your expectations even in areas of difficulty for Generative AI technology where the information source is not shown or where the technology tends to create wrong information.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a machine learning method for learning (deep learning) from content data and drawing output from learning data. While conventional AI learns features from mass data and generates predicted output, Generative AI learns from data and generates new output.


Features of MARS EmoTech
  • Response that meets your expectations
    MARS EmoTech provides a meaningful response that will meet your expectations by seamlessly linking to Website Search MARS FINDER.
  • Wide range of response
    Provides a corporate group-wide range of response by importing information across the corporate websites of subsidiaries and affiliates as learning data.
  • Link to Website Search
    Seamlessly links to Website Search MARS FINDER and smoothly navigates from interaction to the web page that serves as an information source.
  • Customization with API integration
    Available for utilization of a wide range of features and customization by linking to API Integration Cloud Service MARS Platform.
  • Support for a variety of learning data
    Can be used for in-house training and knowledge sharing by letting it learn internal data and various knowledge data such as company regulations, conduct guidelines, and internal FAQs.
  • Easy installation with maintenance-free, trouble-free operation
    Simply paste a tag to install and start using MARS EmoTech! This is a cloud service with no need to purchase equipment or perform maintenance or monitoring.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis
    This is a monthly subscription-based cloud service whose usage fee is determined by the number of website pages on which it is installed.


Examples of utilization
  • CASE01

    Introduce as a new user experience tool
    on the website

    We introduced MARS EmoTech as a new tool to achieve interactive introductions of the company, products, and brand when constantly operating to determine whether the necessary information was being delivered to all users who visit our website. The company was able to lead users to the desired pages and arrive at information that is often overlooked through interaction by letting MARS EmoTech learn all the information within the corporate website. We also use MARS EmoTech for marketing.
  • CASE02

    Useful for in-house training and knowledge sharing

    We utilized MARS EmoTech for in-house training and knowledge sharing by letting it learn public information on the entire corporate website in addition to various internal data and knowledge data such as conduct guidelines, company regulations, instructions, reports, approval documents, procedural documents, and internal FAQs when it was receiving many questions about internal procedures from employees and was experiencing challenges in the understanding of conduct guidelines and company regulations by employees. MARS EmoTech reduced the burden of supervisors and departments in charge of employee training.
  • CASE03

    Useful for knowledge sharing at customer support center

    We increased the level of inquiry response and reduced inconsistency in response content by letting MARS EmoTech learn a variety of knowledge data such as our product information, including specifications, operating instructions, and details of response to past inquiries, to better understand the products and share inquiry content and knowledge among personnel when there were inconsistencies in response depending on the personnel and details of past inquiries were not shared. We also use MARS EmoTech as a convenient tool to navigate to the corresponding product page instantly by linking it to product search.
  • CASE04

    Aim to improve the level of sales and proposal material preparation

    We aim to enable salespersons with little experience to prepare proposal materials of a certain level and to improve preparation efficiency and quality for experienced salespersons by letting MARS EmoTech learn from proposal materials prepared in the past when the quality level of proposal materials prepared by each salesperson was inconsistent.
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