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Here we introduce some comments and achievements of companies that have adopted the MARS FINDER Website Search Service. We will also take a look at the activities of leading companies.


A huge website with 9 million sites, 500 domains, and 1 million documents. The key to introducing MARS FINDER, a site search service for sites that are searched 230,000 times a month, is flexible design adjustment and multilingual support.

JRA Japan Racing Association

While saying, “ I’m from liberal arts and don’t have much knowledge of the Web, ” I wrote a review of the introduction of MARS FINDER, a corporate site with 18,000 pages and billions of PVs.

Cyber Agent

Based on information gathered from production companies and friends in the same industry, “MARS FINDER” and another company’s service are listed in a comparative table. Ultimately, I chose “MARS FINDER” …

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