Making search technology exciting.

MARS FLAG Co., Ltd. provides web services based on search technology to domestic and overseas companies and government agencies. Since its establishment in 1998, MARS FLAG Co., Ltd. has always been at the vanguard of the industry with search technology, such as the world's first search engine with page capture and services utilizing our patented technology. Currently, as Japan's first search platformer with the largest domestic market share, we provide web services such as the MARS FINDER website search platform, the MARS SCREEN product search platform, and the MARS EXPLORER search box recommendation display tool to domestic and overseas companies and government agencies.


Company Name
MARS FLAG Corporation
October 1998
90,000,000 yen
Business contents
Provision of Web services based on search technology
Board of Directors
Shinya Takei – Founder & CEO
Mitsuyoshi Nishida – Executive Vice-President
Yujiro Takei – Director
Yuichi Saegusa – Director
Takaaki Nagayama – Director
Shinya Takei and Management Team
Tokyo Square Garden 14F, 3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Osaka : Namba SkyO 27F, 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Singapore : 20 Collyer Quay #23-01 Singapore.


  • October 1998

    B-Boyd Ltd. established as a search engine research company in Shinjuku, Tokyo

2004 - 2005
  • August 2004

    Capital participation by Proto Corporation

  • August 2004

    Reorganization and renaming to become MARS FLAG Corporation

  • March 2005

    Mieru! search engine "MARS FLAG" β version service launches

  • August 2005

    Release of "Tsunaken"

  • September 2005

    Release of "Buroken"

  • October 2005

    Capital participation by venture capital with SoftBank Investment as a lead

2006 - 2009
  • May 2006

    "MARS FLAG" β version terminated Full version service launches

  • May 2006

    Blog search engine OEM supply commences

  • August 2006

    Mieru! Website Search "MARS FINDER" service launches

  • September 2006

    Mobile search engine OEM supply commences

  • November 2008

    Site problematic point visualizer "MARS SITE PERFORMANCE" service launches

  • January 2009

    Dead link search "MARS CLEANER" service launches

2011 - 2013
  • March 2011

    Completion of MBO (management buyout) and switch to an independent enterprise

  • May 2012

    Reform of company logo (MARS FLAG) and service logos (MARS FINDER, etc.)

  • May 2012

    Relocation due to business expansion

  • October 2012

    Website Quality Management Service "MARS QUALITY" service launches

  • October 2013

    New "Visible" search function on Website Search "MARS FINDER" is released

  • October 2013

    Singapore Office opens

2015 - 2019
  • March 2015

    Sponsorship contract agreed with para triathlete Yukako Hata

  • March 2016

    Search Box Recommendations "MARS EXPLORER" service launches

  • January 2019

    Headquarters relocated to Kyobashi(Tokyo)

  • August 2019

    Osaka's office opens.

2020 - 2023
  • June 2020

    Reform of company logo (MARS FLAG) and service logos (MARS FINDER, etc.)

  • December 2020

    Product Search Platform "MARS SCREEN" service launches

  • February 2021

    Next-Generation DX Solution “AIMY Screen" β version service launches

  • June 2021

    API Integration Cloud Service "MARS Platform" service launches

  • September 2022

    Ideathon held in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

  • March 2023

    Alpha version service of AI Chatbot Service MARS EmoTech launched

  • March 2023

    Major version upgrade of Website Search MARS FINDER


Founder & CEO
Shinya Takei

I am happy to say that our services are being used by various customers, including some of Japan’s leading companies and the Japanese government. Among them, our main service MARS FINDER has also improved along, and is supported by our clients even nowadays. As IT industry changes in a very fast pace, we stand solidly at where we are.

Under such circumstances, since 2020, we have been blessed with the opportunity to redefine our own value as the new coronavirus spreads around the world. While slightly denying the pride of being the best in Japan that develops a search engine in-house and covers patents, we released AIMY Screen. With the concept of no search keyword, no content-based search result page (URL) units, AIMY Screen will once again bright fresh air into the industry.

We redefined our social value as

"An agent who knows your customer’s website and visitors well."

I truly believe that advanced technology can be used comfortably even without having advanced knowledge and that the things produced by such technology will sometimes lead to "excitement" that goes beyond "practical use". It was based on this concept that in 2012 we set forth the following definition in our "MARS WAY" credo:

"Beyond Emotion. Making search technology exciting"

Based on this credo, we aim to support client companies’ digital marketing activities and help them to provide business globally. You can expect various emotions when your vision is combined with our patents, technologies, services and – more than anything else – the passion of our employees.

MARS FLAG Corporation
Shinya Takei

Takei’s grandmother ran a beauty salon, his grandfather as a photographer, father as an engineer, and mother as an artist. He grew up in Mihama-ku, Chiba City, and raised up surrounded by photography, music and computers since childhood.
A 17-year-old personal computer host station opened. At that time, computer communication was slow, and Takei’s own room became a “hangout place” where early-stage computer nerds gathered offline, and a large amount of data was distributed from this room. Based on the needs of data exchange, programming with friends to recommend data that suits individual tastes, detect duplicate data, and automatically classify data. The source of technology that is still in business has been developed since this time.
Takei participated in Ray, an event and video production, involved in the early days of Web production. Prior to Ray’s initial public offering, Takei started a search engine research and development company, the company that became the predecessor of MARS FLAG.
He founded an ad auction site "Cybercom Co., Ltd. (Ad Marketplace Inc.)" with Masatoshi Kumagai and Yoshiteru Akita, GMOs, and became a director.
He was listed on NASDAQ Japan as DAC (Digital Advertising Consortium) and resigned as a director in the same year.
Takei is deeply knowledgeable in Southeast Asia, partly due to the father of the general contractor engineer.
Educational background

UK National University of Wales Graduate School of Business MBA graduates
University of Wales (UK), MBA/MOT
Admitted to the degree of Master of Business Administration, Credited Auditors of Management of Technology and Innovation.

Related projects

Japan National University of Tokyo (UTokyo) industrial Principal Investigator
Unified Multiple Projects – JUST, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.

Executive Vice President
Mitsuyoshi Nishida

"Time" is the most precious element that we can save while searching. In order to acquire the necessary knowledge and new information, the other methods are comparatively time-consuming. With MARS FLAG’s technology, we reduce the amount of time it takes to provide search results and better search experience. This is, we believe, exactly MARS FLAG’s mission as a search specialist when we started with the search portal.

Keep evolving is always important to a company. Our team members’ are fearless of change, and with that, they have made MARS FLAG a very competitive company. With this strength as a driving force, I believe we will continue to provide better services to clients and service users as well as gain the trust of many stakeholders.

Joined SIT Inc.
Joined Wellnet Inc.
Joined IMJ Corporation
Joined Livedoor Inc.
Joined MARS FLAG Corporation
Joined GCI Inc.
Joined DWANGO Co., Ltd.
Joined Rakuten Inc.
Joined MARS FLAG Corporation
Part-time lecturer at Waseda University(Current Position)
Appointed Executive Officer of MARS FLAG Corporation
Appointed Executive Vice President of the company(Current Position)
Yujiro Takei

Sooner or later, I suppose people might no longer be using the search window or the familiar magnifying glass tool. This is an era where the act of search itself disappears.

As a search platform provider, we would like to be a "Kuroko (stagehand)", who will penetrate various applications, scenes, and devices by sharpening search functions. Meanwhile, continue to contribute to producing creative times for people. The key to our success is "search", which has been scrutinized for more than 20 years since our founding. While providing this "search" as an axis, we can evolve freely and constantly to provide various values to today’s society.

We are a company where programmers and engineers shine. To that end, we create a free-form organization that is not bounded by any patterns. Looking ahead to the changing times, we will continue pursuing a mechanism that satisfies experts in this technical field.

Joined Kanematsu Corporation
Appointed Director of Kanematsu America do Sul Imp. Exp. Ltd.
Joined MARS FLAG Corporation
Appointed Company Executive Officer
Became Director of the company(Current Position)
Yuichi Saegusa
Served as a research assistant at the Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology
Joined BIO Communications Inc.
Joined MARS FLAG Corporation
Became Director of the company(Current Position)
Takaaki Nagayama
Joined IBM Japan, Ltd.
Joined Oracle Japan, Ltd.
Oracle Corporation (US) Transfer
Became Asia Products Division Vice President of the company
Established Sun Bridge Co., Ltd.
Appointed President & Representative Director of Sun Bridge Co., Ltd.
Appointed Director of Hamster Inc.(Current Position)
Appointed Director of Bee Trend Co., Ltd.(Current Position)
Appointed Director of MARS FLAG Corporation(Current Position)
Appointed Director of Revolver Co., Ltd.(Current Position)
Appointed Director of BakuChu Co., Ltd.(Current Position)
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