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Collect improvement indicators for websites to construct engagement

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MARS FINDER is a website search service designed to utilize the maximum potential of a website. MARS FINDER quickly and precisely guides visitors to the information they need. Various search logs support smooth communication between companies and their customers as indicators for website improvement.

The search service is highly regarded for being easy to understand and for being highly advanced, and it is used by many companies, organizations and government offices, including many companies listed on the stock market.


No.1 in the market of Japan

According to the market report released in May, 2018 from Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc., MARS FINDER has hold the top share of website search service market of Japan in 2017.

What is a website search?

It is a function to search websites using keywords. It is useful when users are not aware of the location of needed information, or when they want to quickly display desired pages. Due to the increase in the website content, this service that enables information to be searched easily has become essential.

Effects of MARS FINDER

Quickly and easily find pages

Search result screens are displayed using captures that clearly show page content at a glance. Full consideration has been given to usability, including input assistance and multi-device support, so information can be found quickly and easily even when outside.

Ascertain user needs

Search logs clarify the information required by users. You can find out which information is difficult to locate or lacking based on website search logs, make improvements and thereby optimize your website.

Gives positive feeling

By being able to quickly and easily access the desired information, users will have a good impression and you will earn their trust. MARS FINDER has a wide range of uses, including government websites, company support information and electronic manuals.

Features of MARS FINDER

Easy to install and easy to use

Setup is completed simply by pasting search box tags. This is a cloud service that does not require maintenance/monitoring or purchase of hardware.

Structure of MARS FINDER

Diverse functions

User-friendly, multi-device support, and standard features for functions enhancing page views/navigation.


Powerful multilingual support

Templates are provided in 21 different languages, and labels can be freely edited in an unlimited number of languages.


Pricing per page

The monthly usage fee for MARS FINDER varies depending on the number of pages of website to be searched.

Flexible customization

MARS FINDER has many standard functions, but if your website needs more, customization is offered (fees apply) according to the individual needs of customers. Please contact MARS FLAG if you have any specific ideas you would like to implement.

Introduction to website search solutions

Introduction to client companies

Here we introduce some of our customers who are using MARS FINDER. You can also see website search initiatives from leading companies.

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