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MARS EXPLORER Search Box Recommendations Display Service

Direct connection to product from search box in just 1 second! Advanced auto-suggest service for e-commerce sites

MARS EXPLORER is an advanced auto-suggest service that specializes in improving the usability and CVR of e-commerce sites. While assisting user text input, MARS EXPLORER also guides users to a wide range of information that will encourage users to make purchases and displays recommended products.

MARS EXPLORER can be installed simply by pasting a tag. It reduces user input errors, generates interest and actively guides users to products. It also prevents loss of users due to empty search results and reduces user disengagement due to lack of information.

The era of simple input assistance has already ended. From now on, MARS EXPLORER will become your store’s number one salesperson.

What is auto-suggest?

Auto-suggest is a function that assists with search box input. It predicts words and phrases from entered text and gives users a selection of choices. This has become an indispensable function for websites as it simplifies text input and improves user experiences in mobile environments, etc.


Improves search usability

MARS EXPLORER quickly displays product names and categories, etc., enabling users to search stress-free even in environments where input is difficult to carry out.

Increases sales by eliminating loss of potential customers

MARS EXPLORER guides users directly to their desired products and increases the likelihood of purchasing by reducing blank search results and user disengagement.

More than capable of dealing with long tail demand

A comprehensive dictionary containing all kinds of data gives thorough recommendations of special-interest products and other variations.


MARS EXPLORER is not simply an input assistance solution. Rather, it is an advanced auto-suggest service specially designed for e-commerce sites that provides recommendations matching search terms entered by users, based on all kinds of information.

Covers all kinds of data

MARS EXPLORER enables input assistance based on multiple data sources and comprehensive shopping guidance through the display of recommendations. It actively guides users to products by accurately gauging their needs from entered text, providing guidance, and stimulating interest.

The image above is given as an example. Screen display can be designed as you wish. Click here for examples of use.

*1 Only terms that actually returned hits are displayed. Words or phrases that are not found on a website (negative keywords, etc.) are not displayed.
*2 The technology for using words and phrases collected from websites for input assistance is a patented MARS FLAG technology. (Patent no. 4516103)

Display of content-rich recommendations

Support for customers’ own designs

Make recommendations appealing with photos and reviews

Effectively display limited sales and special editions

MARS EXPLORER is unlike existing auto-suggest functions that merely display text. It provides a visually appealing UI and recommendations suited to user needs, which will stimulate the user’s interest and desire to purchase.

Multilingual support

Search boxes of any kind of language can be used.

Multi-device support

There is flexible support for browsing from various devices.

Complete installation simply by pasting a tag

MARS EXPLORER can be installed simply by adding a tag to a page. Take action right now to dramatically improve your lines of information leading to products.

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Flexible guidance control

In addition to improving the usability of searches and text input, MARS EXPLORER also has a wealth of functions to firmly guide users and improve CVR.

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