Filtering search equipped with a complete product comparison function

MARS SCREEN is a filtering search equipped with a complete product comparison function. It provides versatile search and comparison functions, and can be placed on your website without extra server development. Capable of registering products to a maximum of ten thousand, and also supporting multi-languages. Just update product data via Excel. With simple steps, your website will be selling products with no limitation on time and region, acquiring new customers to increase your sales.

Search technology makes web catalog search easy

Set product data as search condition

MARS SCREEN allows you to create search specialized for product features in your site. All you need is the product data that can be edited in Excel and your web server. Installing advanced search functions can be overwhelmingly faster than developing individual systems.

Instant display massive products and special product feature searches

Difficult to find your posted product information? Search results displaying too slow? For business with such problems, especially searches with a huge number of products and special search conditions, please consult with Search Professional MARS FLAG. We are here to help you.


Super-optimized Construction & Operation

Quick Startup*

Customize Your Own Design

Easy Management

Diverse Advanced Product Search

Versatile Search Functions

Simple Search


Standard Product Comparison 

Dynamic Comparison

Create proposal materials

*Web page(HTML) can be placed on your server, solving issues related to a subdomain, SSL, cookies, and more.

Case Studies

Satisfying customer support

MARS SCREEN comes with a ready-to-use web page(HTML). You can even customize your own design. We provide all the web page-building information as well as FAQ.

Improved CVR through expanded information navigation

MARS EXPLORER applies word suggestion functions that assist with search box input, recommend products, and guide users to specific pages. The displayed information matches what the user has entered, leading to effective advertising. (Separate option)

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you use it?

Just upload product data on your server. MARS SCREEN will regularly pick up the data and reflect on the search result automatically.

Do I need to make the page from scratch?

No. MARS SCREEN comes with a ready-to-use web page(HTML). You can customize your own page efficiently.

What are some of the common ways to use MARS SCREEN?
Providing real-time multiple filtered searching for numerous products, we have many components and material manufacturers as our clients.

We are Specialists

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Handling of Personal Information

We will reference the information you provided for us to develop our future products in some cases, also please allow us to provide our products and seminars information, by e-mail. We do not disclose your personal information to any third parties without your consent. About the details, Please confirm our privacy policy.


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