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MARS QUALITY Website Quality Management Service

Tool for automatic detection of website problems and rapid quality improvement

Websites have come to play an important role as a place for communication with customers who visit through search engines and advertisements/social media. However, if there are problems such as dead links or images that do not display, etc., there is a risk that the company’s image will suffer or opportunities for lead acquisition will be lost.

MARS QUALITY Website Quality Management Service reduces this kind of risk and supports smooth communication between companies and their customers.

What are some website problems?

Various problems exist, such as obstruction of browsing due to dead links/missing images, etc., problems that make it difficult to return hits in search portals (Google/Yahoo!, etc.) or website searches despite being able to browse, and other matters that are not necessarily problems but should still be kept in mind.


Rapid improvement

Rapid quality improvement and optimization

Website problems are automatically detected and notified. Since all pages are automatically patrolled, efficient improvement work can be carried out while implementing website quality improvements at the same time as search engine optimization.

Effortless checking

Free from human checking

Problems such as dead links are detected mechanically, so unlike checks that rely on visual verification, nothing will be overlooked. Information is also automatically shared with operating staff members. This drastically reduces the time taken for communication and miscommunication.

Gives positive feeling

Gives positive feeling

Websites that have many problems may lead to the company’s image suffering or loss opportunities for lead acquisition. MARS QUALITY is being used in many websites of companies, organizations and government offices, etc.

Effortless auto-check

Features of MARS QUALITY

Easy operation

Easy operation

This is a cloud service that does not require maintenance/monitoring or purchase of hardware. There is not even any need to paste tags.

Offer in a cloud

Same price even groups

Same price no matter how many people are using

MARS QUALITY can be used in full by all members who are engaged in website operation, including webmasters, PR staff and production companies, etc.

Group use

Global governance

Global operation without need for translation

Websites in any language can be quality-checked, and the same check results can be browsed in Japanese and English.

Global operation

Clearly shows results of improvement work

Work results are clear

Changes in website quality are displayed chronologically in graphs. Quality improvements through improvement work can be confirmed visually, and used in goal-setting or performance indicators.

Graph display

Can check anytime

Check whenever you like

Periodic quality checks can be carried out automatically, while special checks can be performed at any time after website updates, etc.

Regularly or temporary check

Looks over current status

Ascertain present state of website

Directory configuration is in the form of an easy-to-understand tree display. It can be also be observed from different perspectives to FTP client software in terms of file fluctuation/external website links.

Grasp entire structure

Pricing per pages

Pricing per pages

Monthly usage fees for MARS QUALITY vary depending on the number of pages on the website where quality check is to be carried out.

Discovers pages and files that forgot to delete

Detect pages/files you forgot to delete

It is possible to detect occurrence of isolated URLs that do not have referring pages. By removing unnecessary files from your website, serious problems such as security or compliance violations can be avoided. (Optional)

Discover solitary URLs

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