Super-optimized construction/operation

Automatically generated from product data, web catalogs search can be published surprisingly quickly. Embed on your server and simply update product data via Excel. Operating your web catalog search does not require any website production knowledge.

Quick Startup

MARS PRODUCT SEARCH comes with a ready-to-use web page(HTML) to place on your server. By uploading product data, including product name, model number, specification, etc., your web catalog will be ready to search.

Customize Your Own Design

MARS PRODUCT SEARCH is placed on your server, allowing you to customize your own design freely. We provide user-friendly templates and all the web page-building information. Constructing your web catalog search can be just as easy as designing a web page.

Easy Management

Web catalogs search can be generated automatically from product data. Anyone can manage web catalog search by simply updating product data via Excel.

Versatile Search Functions

With the arrangement of various search functions from keyword search, number filter, drill-down, category, to even search result sort, web catalog search can be published surprisingly quickly by anyone.

Diverse advanced product search and compare

Web catalogs search can be published surprisingly fast by anyone by simply arranging various search functions. With search-based information navigation and an easy-to-understand UI, even users who do not have product knowledge can be guided to their target products. Comparing function is also included, making it convenient to use comparison tables as a part of your proposal materials.

Search functions of MARS PRODUCT SEARCH

Products are refined by freely combining these search methods.


This search method narrows down the range in order from large product categories to deeper product categories.

Category (single selection)

This search method narrows down the range in order from large product categories to deeper product categories.

Categories (multiple selections)

By combining two or more terms, such as heat-resistant + for outdoor use, the user can narrow down to a product that is more suited to their purpose.

Refine by numerical values

You can not only refine commonly by price, but also narrow down by numerical information such as size, strength, and resistance. Another feature is the ability to search with numerical range attributes on the product side.

Keyword search

Search products with words and phrases. If you know the product name or model number, this is an extremely quick way of finding what you are looking for.

Product comparison function also supplied as standard

Multiple products can be selected and displayed in a comparison table to understand the differences between each specifications, making it easier to consider which product suits the customer’s needs.

 Change display order

Users can freely change the order of product display.


Products can be removed from the table

The web page(HTML) of Web Catalog Search MARS PRODUCT SEARCH can be placed on your server.

By doing so, there is no need to acquire a subdomain when using Web Catalog Search MARS PRODUCT SEARCH. Meanwhile, a specific SSL license for site search domain is unnecessary. Common problems, such as unable to transfer cookies, complicated settings for outside analytic services, can be solved. You can also customize the design freely on your own, or even hand it to your web design partner.

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