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Web Catalog Search

Excel product data automatically turns into a web catalog

How often do you use your website to promote or sell your own products? What if you could display all of your product information and enable customers to download manuals and diagrams? Websites should be capable of selling products non-stop - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - enabling customers to research purchases on their own while actively providing suggestions.

Combining product search, comparison function and details page, MARS PRODUCT SEARCH helps companies to quickly turn their product data into web catalogs and deliver them to their customers. With Excel product data, it is easy to immediately publish a web catalog that will contribute to improvement of sales and help to acquire new customers.


It can be operated by anyone

Excel product data can be used to automatically generate and manage contents, so there is no need for knowledge of website production.

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Simple for anyone to search for products

With search-based navigation and an easy-to-understand UI, users can be guided to products that suit their purpose even without knowledge of products.

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Build new relationships with users

By displaying all products and creating opportunities for information to be circulated, it becomes easier for customers to consider their purchases and for suggestions to be given.

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What you can do with MARS PRODUCT SEARCH

Based on Excel data


Multiple products can be selected from search results and displayed as a comparison table. This makes clear the differences between various product specifications. This can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Details page

This webpage publishes the features and specifications of each product. It is automatically generated based on Excel data, so there is no need to create or edit pages one at a time.


Quick startup

Quick startup

There is no need to turn product Information into HTML or create navigations. Automatic generation from data enables surprisingly quick publication.

Versatile search functions included

Versatile search functions included

Products can be narrowed down by freely combining search methods such as categories, numerical values, and keywords, etc.

Also ideal for BtoB specialty products

Also optimal for special BtoB products

Big information such as machines, parts, raw materials, building materials and medicines, etc. are automatically turned into catalogs and made searchable.

Collects user data

Collect user data

The download URLs of comparison tables are sent by e-mail. It is possible to collect information such as e-mail addresses and details of products that customers are thinking about purchasing.

Product comparison feature included as a standard

Product comparison feature included as a standard

This function makes it easier for customers to consider products suited to their purposes by displaying information of two or more products side by side. Comparison tables can be downloaded to make them easy to use as materials for proposal or approval.

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it's on the cloud

No need for maintenance thanks to cloud support

As a customer, you do not need to buy any machines, enter into server contracts or carry out monitoring, etc

Multilingual support

Product data in any language can be turned into a web catalog with searchable products.

Multi-device support

There is flexible support for browsing from various devices.

Solves the 3 big problems of BtoB sites

MARS PRODUCT SEARCH solves problems encountered in operation of BtoB web catalogs or product searches.

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Advanced technology and extensive experience

MARS FLAG has constructed Web Catalog Searches for special products at many companies to date, resulting in a great number of successful cases leading to improved sales. Based on this experience, we have become able to offer plans that are easier to use.

Improved CVR through expanded information navigation


Using MARS EXPLORER makes it possible to apply word suggestion functions that assist with search box input, recommend products, and guide users to special pages. The information that is displayed is matched to what the user has entered, so you can look forward to effective advertising without any discomfort. (Separate option)


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