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Quickly guide users to the information you want to convey

Recommendation is a useful function when you want people who have searched with a particular keyword to find a specific page. Let’s take a look at the main situations in which Recommendation is used.

Use as advertising tool

Just as when searching with keyword A the top page of Product A will be displayed, information that a company wants to convey can be actively delivered to the user. After registration from the admin screen, this is immediately reflected on the search results screen, enabling prompt support for campaigns developed on a time axis and for events that have occurred currently.

Use as communication tool

In website searches, there are frequently cases where the keyword a user has searched for is different from the expression published on a website. Recommendation can guide users to the page you want them to reach even if the keyword they have searched for is not found on that page, enabling smooth communication between users and companies.


Supports "One Look" thumbnails

It is possible to use the “One Look” thumbnails function, which displays images used within a page instead of page capture.

More about "One Look" Thumbnail


Flexible keyword match

Recommendations can be run as opposite match or perfect match searches.

Opposite match

If a Recommendation registered keyword is contained in the location of a search keyword, it will be displayed in the Recommendation area.
Since it is fine to assume only part of the character string entered as a search keyword, this ensures excellent comprehensiveness and can minimize the number and length of registered keywords.
Default settings are as outlined here.

E.g. search keywords returned as hits when “search” is registered as Recommendation keyword:
 /website search
 /search engine
 /image search engine



Perfect match

When registered recommendation keyword and search keyword are perfectly matched, these are displayed as recommended page.


Other functions of Recommendation

There are also other special ways of using Recommendations.

Empty Recommendation

Recommended pages can be displayed even when searched without the keyword being entered. Normally, when searches without a search keyword, blank search results will be returned and the likelihood of users disengaging will increase, but by using empty Recommendation it is possible to provide new information to users and thereby reduce the number of disengagements.

Inevitable Recommendation

This function will always display recommended pages no matter what the search keyword is. This is used when you have some information that you want to convey to all search users.

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