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"One Look" thumbnails

Use product images in thumbnails on search results screen

This function displays images of products or services on the search results screen instead of with page image capture.

Normal page capture and "One Look" thumbnails can be mixed

Normal webpages use page capture and can be used with product images limited to specified locations (product introduction pages, etc.). The scope of "One Look" thumbnails can be configured by specifying the URL (directory).

For attractive search results that are more likely to be clicked

With large display of product images, information can be discerned intuitively, new interest can be elicited, and users can be guided around sites.

Illustration of use of "One Look" thumbnails


This is a screenshot taken before setting "One Look" thumbnails. A captured image of the whole page is displayed as a thumbnail.


This is a screenshot taken when "One Look" thumbnails have been used. The product image is given a large display.

Effects of "One Look" thumbnails

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