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Visible Search

Patent pending.

Search results that quickly locate the information you require

Conventional search engines would look for a page thought to contain the required information, and the user then had to find the information within that page. But “visible” searching makes clear the precise location of required information on a page. This standard function enables the user to find information more quickly than ever before.

Visible search is also used on the MARS FLAG Corporation website. If you are browsing from a PC, you can try this out with an actual search results screen from the link below. Just click “+Zoom” to try it out.

View Visible Search screen

Features of Visible Search

Visible/readable “results frame”

Pages returned as hits can be browsed on the search results screen. When you move the cursor over the thumbnail image of search results, the link destination page is displayed within the frame. This structure, which simplifies the checking process, also increases the number of page views.

Search words are made clear

Search words are highlighted in the results frame, so you can immediately find the precise location of the information you’re looking for. Images, etc. that have returned hits in the attribute values of meta tags, titles and elements are also displayed with icons.

Jump to link destination page

Pages displayed in the results frame can be clicked as links. This means you can immediately jump to the next page you want to visit.

PDF files also supported

You can see where the information you want is located within text on the search results screen.

Visible PDF

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