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Here we introduce the reasons why MARS FINDER is used by so many leading companies.

Importance and role of searching

Human beings “search” in order to accomplish objectives (desires) in all sorts of situations. We continue to pursue quality in the act of searching in order to more easily acquire the things and information that we want. Today, with the proliferation of the Internet, searches can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no cost. Searching is already something common, and "search engines" are the most important means of realizing the act of searching for information and more effectively acquiring better things.

Importance of website searches

The best way to seamlessly utilize enormous web assets

As a result of planning more attractive content and in response to the needs of each department, there is an increasing amount of content on many corporate websites. This trend will continue in the future. It is not an exaggeration to say that a website that has thousands or tens of thousands of pages is already a form of media. A wide variety of users (stakeholders) visit these websites, such as individuals, business partners, shareholders, employees, applicants, competitors, financial institutions, governments and so on. Each user has a different reason for visiting the website. Therefore, companies are facing problems such as: “Is it possible for a company to provide appropriate information for such diverse users?” “Can webmasters provide accurate information for user who visit the website with different purposes?”

Navigation has become important because the space for providing information in the homepage is limited, but realistically, it is difficult to achieve navigation that responds to the needs mentioned above. Site maps do not resolve these problems either. Taking a wider view of the effective use of accumulated web assets, there are endless issues, such as seamlessly using online assets including HTML and non-HTML files (PDF, for example) from other domains. We realized that the only possible solution is to introduce website searching.

Role of website searches

These days, users reach company websites by entering the company name or product name in a search box. On the homepage, users will look for the information that they want. If the desired information cannot be found quickly, what would you do? It is highly likely that you would decide to use the website search function. So, which search engine will guide users to the detailed information that they want? The answer is to choose a website search engine that has a solid basic performance.

Role of corporate websites

An important key to guiding users to needed information quickly and precisely

A website is an important factor in determining brand image. Not only ideas and design but also the website as a whole including website features will be targeted for evaluation from users. Consumers who are the customers of a company communicate directly via the Internet. Please bear in mind that neglecting evaluations from users may harm your business. In fact, it is becoming clear that access figures and sales are directly and indirectly related. Webmasters have to recognize this fact and take appropriate measures to work out a website strategy.

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