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Smartphone support

There have been many achievements with MARS FINDER multi-device support, which is highly regarded by many companies. The template that has been optimized for smartphone website searches has been further updated with a more advanced design. Containing a lot of information on one screen, such as page captures and search functions, enables more intuitive searches to be performed.

smartphone UI search result arrow smartphone UI after swiped

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Improved operability of search function

Along with this update, the MARS FINDER search function has been completely redesigned for smartphone use. Some of these features are introduced below.

Intelligent Advisor (Suggest)

Auto-suggest function that provides real-time support (displays possible words) when entering search words in the search box. This reduces the time spent typing and reduces spelling mistakes.

Drill-down (refine)

Levelled category drill-down function, which is often seen on portal sites and shopping sites, etc. Useful for narrowing down information required from many search results.

Narrow Down by Periods

Select any period from the calendar to narrow down pages updated during that period. Ideal when searching for news and event information.

Related Keywords

Display co-occurring words related to search words to create new user awareness. Improves website navigation and increases duration of website visits.

Support for voice search (Chrome on Android)

Even when it is difficult to type, hands-free searches can be performed. The browser currently supported is Chrome on Android. Support for other browsers will be available in the future.


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