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Intelligent Advisor (auto-suggest)

Real-time support for search words

 Intelligent Advisor is an auto-suggest function that provides real-time support (displays possible words) for search words entered in the search box. This function can guide users to the desired page quickly and precisely.

Intelligent Advisor functions

Real-time support regardless of character type

 Advice for keywords is given as a result of alphabet/syllable conversion to match the keys entered.

Additional entry of highly relevant keywords

 Keywords present on the website are displayed as 2nd, 3rd, 4th… keywords to guide users to the landing page.

No need for maintenance

 Prospective words displayed (supported) by Intelligent Advisor are extracted by crawling through the website (collecting cyclic data). For that reason, there is no need for mistaken entries or attack data cleaning, which were required in auto-suggest functions of a model of extracting from search words entered by users. Also, as the keywords are present on the website, users can be guided to the desired page quickly and correctly, and the number of cases of blank search results is greatly reduced.


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