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Global support(Multilingual support)

Site search service available worldwide

MARS FINDER is a website search service that is available worldwide. It meets the needs of companies that are proactively advancing into overseas markets and companies that are promoting initiatives toward the globalization of information. For example, many companies are proactively investing in China, and due to the problem with transmission speeds between China and Japan, we have established a data center in China in order to provide a website search service for China. This provides an optimal website search service for users in China. In this way, MARS FINDER contributes to the development of web communication that connects consumers and companies all over the world.

Support for Global Marketing and Website Governance

MARS FINDER can be used as a global marketing tool for individual countries as it provides search results screens by country and logs can be collected by country. Also, MARS FINDER supports global marketing and website governance across countries on a global level by providing the Admin screen in English (normally in Japanese) so that it can be used by local subsidiaries and so that information can be shared with webmasters in each country.

Multi-Lingual Support

The Website Search MARS FINDER service is not dependent on the language used on the search target website. MARS FINDER is set up to show search results by country (website), which creates a website search service specific to the culture and image of each country.

Language templates list:

Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai, Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, German, Turkish, French, Vietnamese, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Persian. [21 languages as of July 2017]

The languages listed above have been prepared as templates for search result screens. Customers can freely create original language templates using editable labels.


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