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Demonstration of Website Search MARS FINDER

Website Search MARS FINDER, which is used by many customers, is also used on our official website ( Please experience operation by viewing an actual search results screen.

View search results screen

MARS FINDER’s unique advanced UI

Visible Search

Pages that have returned hits in a search can be browsed on the search results screen. Search words are also highlighted so that the location of the desired information can be understood at a glance. This increases page views and improves usability.

If you are browsing from a PC, please try placing your cursor on the page capture image.

Solutions to ensure more reliable communication of information

"One Look" Thumbnail

This function displays images of products or services on the search results screen instead of with page image capture.


This function is ideal if you want to show a certain page to a person who have searched for a given keyword. It is effective for communicating advertisements and important notifications.

List of MARS FINDER functions

There is a wealth of standard functions that improve the usability of Website Search.

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