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Admin screen

Optimize your website

Website Search MARS FINDER has an Admin screen in order to more effectively apply website search functions. Diverse log aggregation results can be used in website optimization, and what’s more, it is also possible from the Admin screen to carry out settings that are useful for guiding Website Search to specific contents.

Various logs connected to website optimization

On the Admin screen of Website Search MARS FINDER, you will find:

You can browse information of various log aggregation results connected to website optimization. With list-based catalog display and high-visibility graph display, it is easy to ascertain the state and changes of each piece of information, and situations that are different from the norm can immediately be detected. Also, data can be downloaded in CSV file format, so it can also be used in creation of reports or detailed surveys.


Configurable from the Admin screen

From the Admin screen it is possible to carry out Hot Search settings, change the design of the search results screen, adjust precision of search results, and configure/register functions that are displayed on the website search results screen, etc. New events occurring on the website can be reflected in Website Search immediately, and new user needs can be dealt with without any time lag.


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