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Successful Customer Cases

Here we introduce some comments and achievements of companies that have adopted the MARS FINDER Website Search Service. We will also take a look at the activities of leading companies.

Fuji Electric Corp. of AmericaNew!

Fuji Electric Corp. of America implemented MARS FINDER to replace Google Site Search, as Google officially announced to shut down their pay services. Shown in API format, Custom Element version of MARS FINDER works well with Google Analytics. Search terms are captured without difficulties.

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Canon Inc. / Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Canon and Canon Marketing Japan adopted MARS FINDER after highly praising its thumbnail display function and immediate thumbnail update function, in addition to our support system that is capable of handling adjustment of search algorithms. Since installation, there have been positive effects such as an increase of the utilization rate of the site search by five to six times and improvement of the repeat rate.

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Site searches are positioned as a means of communication with users, responding to demand for addition of entertainment value in the search process. The data of keywords entered in the site search is actively reflected in content development.

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Putting the convenience of stakeholders first, Fuji Electric is carrying out activities to improve its websites using “Website search log” on a group basis.

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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Yamaha is taking measures to optimize site search Landing Pages by implementing the search result display with captured image function and Intelligent Advisor function on webpages for motorbikes, marine products and electric bicycles, etc.

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JVC KENWOOD Corporation

In addition to the Japanese and English website search service used on the company’s global website, the search results page and PDF Viewer for mobile devices in both Japanese and English are also being used.

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Toray Industries, Inc.

In order to deliver new value and high-quality products and services to customers with greater precision, Toray Industries has adopted Category Search, Intelligent Advisor, and MUV (Mars Universal Viewer). The continuously evolving MARS FINDER contributes to enhancement of the expressive power of the Toray website, delivering innovation in all areas.

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Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Installing MARS FINDER has solved various problems and enhanced the expressive power of the company’s website while also improving its operational efficiency. MARS FINDER has been adopted in many of Ricoh’s associated companies including Ricoh Japan Corporation, working to enhance usability for stakeholders in each group, such as enabling individual display of recommendations.

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NEC Corporation

NEC decided to implement MARS FINDER at 17 group companies and 22 websites in total with the aim of improving website user-friendliness and creating opportunities for users to visit different NEC group companies. In terms of search functions, Intelligent Adviser has made it possible to search more efficiently by guaranteeing the display of search results.

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Sapporo Group decided to implement MARS FINDER at 3 group companies and 4 websites in total with the aim of improving website user-friendliness and creating opportunities for users to visit different group companies. In terms of search functions, the company is making use of Intelligent Adviser for efficient searching and Search Keyword Ranking for enhanced accessibility in the websites.

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Rakuten, Inc.

MARS FINDER was highly praised for its multilingual support and many search assist functions that improve usability. Also, given the rapid increase in number of users browsing with smartphones, MARS FINDER was installed in 4 corporate websites in total - a Japanese and English website for smartphones in addition to a Japanese and English website for computers.

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