Advanced auto-suggest improves your CVR

MARS EXPLORER was developed by combining the results of search engine research, and was adopted and enhanced on large-scale e-commerce sites before being commercialized. The work that goes beyond the concept of existing suggestions is no longer a shopping concierge that continues to guide customers 24 -7.

Integrated multiple Data

Product Categories

Categories related to the searched keywords are displayed correspondingly. E.g. Groceries > Dairy > Milk.

Website Content

When the searched keywords are not a specific product name, we can also display words or phrases collected from your product descriptions.

Matching Search

We collect and display frequently searched keywords for your website to quickly fit in seasonal or trendy changes.

Product Data

Our comprehensive data provides related information to your users to help them make a fast and easy decision. Collected features can include all your model numbers, price, size, color, flavor, and even more.

Customize your own design

Build your proprietary UIs by combining display items, such as thumbnails, reviews, product recommendations, and your special offers. Guide your users with attractive screen displays as freely as you want.

Flexible Guidence Control

Prefix + Intermediate + Fuzzy search

Simplify text input for users by displaying related products. Reduce empty search results and spark users’ new awareness before they’ve even noticed about it.

Adjustable display order

Based on back-end data such as frequently searched keywords, inventory conditions, you can freely adjust your display order to guide your users to specific information. 

Refine specific categories

Convert words (adjectives, technical terms, etc.) into category information and guide your user to their desired products. Refine product categories and increase your sales.

Support linking with external Web APIs

MARS EXPLORER can work just fine with your other input assistance services. E.g. partial displaying other services in MARS EXPLORER.

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Handling of Personal Information

We will reference the information you provided for us to develop our future products in some cases, also please allow us to provide our products and seminars information, by e-mail. We do not disclose your personal information to any third parties without your consent. About the details, Please confirm our privacy policy.


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