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CEO写真 Beyond Emotion.

I am happy to say that our services are being used by various customers, including some of Japan’s leading companies and the Japanese government. In order to ensure that customers are satisfied, we are working with strong awareness of the need for stable operation with cutting-edge functionality, high-quality services, and appropriate cost.

We are also focusing on strengthening overseas sales channels and capacity for international support through employment of people from other nations, etc., in order to deal with the global needs of our customers. In the Asian market, where we are particularly focused, we have bases in Singapore and Shanghai and are working to enhance their capacity for support.

I truly believe that advanced technology can be used comfortably even without having advanced knowledge, and that the things produced by such technology will sometimes lead to “excitement” that goes beyond “practical use”. It was based on this concept that in 2012 we set forth the following definition in our “MARS WAY” credo:

“Beyond Emotion. Making search technology exciting.”

Based on this credo, we aim to support client companies’ digital marketing activities and help them to provide business globally. You can expect various emotions when your vision is combined with our patents, technologies, services and - more than anything else - the passion of our employees.

Shinya Takei

MARS FLAG Corporation
President & CEO

The origin of Emotion. CEO写真

A computer was right there next to me when I first became aware of the things around me. In 1989, as a senior high school student in such an environment, I established my own personal computer communication host server and started community management. With the unprecedented surge of a data tsunami, it became necessary to arrange data and carry out searches, and as part of a hacking group in my teens. I started working to develop search engines and launched various open source projects for the sorting of information. This is the origin of our company. At that time, there was no such term as “search engine”.

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