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Discover solitary URLs

Discover solitary URLs

MARS QUALITY discovers solitary URLs not linked from anyware, gives advices to you to delete increasing unnecessary files.

You can prevent risks of problems around website management by deleting solitary URLs.

Serious problems caused by solitary URLs

Search engines such as Google keep holding solitary URLs from the time their links existed. If customers use search engines, they may access solitary URLs.

If you continue to operate in this state, not only website quality will be worse, but problems such as purchase troubles and increase of support costs will be affected in many ways.

Troubles with customers

The page of the campaign that ended (content that was fresh at the time, such as a new release) has been neglected, and complaints were received from customers who purchased it as a result of seeing it.

Compliance violations

Inappropriate files (images etc.) has been uploaded.

Security problems

Pages that using vulnerable js has became to solitary URLs then neglected.

Declining brand image

The customer felt suspicious that the old information remained.

Mechanism of solitary URLs check

Mechanism of solitary URLs check

Crawler traces links, patrols around website, and analyzes structure of the website (URL list, file link relation, etc.). In the first crawl, MARS QUALITY can't discover solitary URLs yet because there are no comparison targets. Next and after, solitary URLs will be discovered by comparing old and new structure information.

Are solitary URLs unneccesary files?

Screen shot of solitary URLs

Some solitary URLs may also created for LPO from search engines, or linked from outer websites.

Please check whether or not unnecessary the discovered solitary URLs before delete them.


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