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Group use

Group use

MARS QUALITY can be used in groups. Make the most of group use with whole people that operating the website like webmaster, PR, outer production companies. Features are full filling that support the website operated by many people.

Efficiency of information sharing

All members can use it

All members can use it

Webmaster can create user account and set their permission freely.

Realizing web governance

It will also strengthens governance of large-scale websites managed by division, region, and country.

Settings and user management

Automatic email delivery

Automatic email delivery

Summary will be sent when the quality check is over. No need to waiting for a contact from webmaster. Each members can figure out problems and start improvement works.

Same price even if how many people use it

Monthly fee of MARS QUALITY is depending on total number of web pages. Even if you use it alone or 100 people, the monthly fee is the same. Please use it by all members.


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