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Let us introduce frequently asked questions.

Is it able to check the quality on multiple sites?

Yes. In order to prevent wrong operation, let's decided the target sites when we made the contract.

What is the language used on the operation screen?

We are ready for Japanese, English.

Is it possible to change the range of the crawl(Data collecting)?

Yes, you can change it freely within contract range.

Is it possible to change the crawl time(Data collecting)?

Yes, you can set it freely by daily, weekly, monthly, etc.,.

Is it possible to reduce the check items which are unnecessary ?

Yes, Is it possible to remove the check items from the quality check results. But in fact, the server is still checking them, and you can restored the check items when you want.

Is it able to have a specific check such as company NG word, particular tag?

Yes, It is able to check the quality with the "Customize contents" check.

Is it able to add new account?

Yes, It is able to create a new user account from the administrator account.

What is the pricing scheme?

It depends on how many pages that you want to check. Please contact us to know more details.

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