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Collection of user data

Collection of user data

MARS PRODUCT SEARCH is useful for companies' sales activities because they can obtain data from browsing and search logs of their web catalogs that will help them find new customers and improve sales.

Collect email addresses

A product comparison feature is included as a standard. The comparison table can be downloaded as a PDF, making it easier to use as a reference material for proposals or decision-making. ⇒ Click here for more information about the product comparison feature.

Users will be notified of the download URL by email. This means that you can collect email addresses and information about the products that are being compared and considered. This allows you to draw up a list of strong prospective customers that will help your sales activities.

Understand demand and identify latent customers

You can tell which products that have a demand, based on browsing and search logs of the web catalog. Company data that can be identified from IP addresses is also useful for sales activities.

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