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Ultra-efficient site building and operation

Ultra-efficient site building and operation

A web catalog can now be quickly published as auto-generating content from Excel product data has made it easy to build a site. Daily operations are also extremely simplified. No knowledge of web design is required to operate it, as content can be managed just by editing Excel product data.

Quick startup

Providing an Excel data containing your product details, such as the product name, model number, specifications and price will allow you to build a web catalog and search function quickly.

It is no longer necessary to convert your product information into HTML

There is no need to create and edit these pages one at a time, as they are automatically generated from Excel product data. Adding or changing products can be accomplished by just editing the Excel data.

It is no longer necessary to create categories or design a navigational structure

The versatile search functions will guide users to the product pages. MARS PRODUCT SEARCH provides a multi-directional navigational structure that guides customers to relevant product information.

Link with support information

Build the confidence and trust of users by allowing them to view or download product drawings manuals(PDF) and FAQs from the search results screen or product details pages. It also allows users to examine the purchase by themselves and companies to use these materials in their proposals.

No maintenance required because it's on the cloud

There is absolutely no need to purchase equipment, enter into server agreements or monitor hardware problems.

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