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Versatile and advanced product search

Versatile and advanced product search

Web catalogs of BtoB specialty products can also be created from product data. There is no need to worry about organizing categories or designing navigation. Search-based navigation and an easy-to-understand UI allow users without any product knowledge to reach relevant products.

Search function of MARS PRODUCT SEARCH

Product search can be refined by combining any of these search methods.


This is a search method that starts by searching in large product categories and then refines the scope of the search to narrower product categories.

Category (single selection)

This can be used for searches by product characteristics, such as "heat resistant"/"not heat resistant" or "indoors"/"outdoors"/"both".

Categories (multiple selections)

Searches can be narrowed down to more relevant products by combining two or more conditions, such as "heat resistant" + "outdoor use".

Numerical refinement

This is a familiar method that people use when they refine a search by price. However, searches can also be refined by other values, such as dimension, intensity or resistance. Searches can also be done by specifying a numerical range for the product.

Keyword search

Search for a product using any word of your choice. This is an extremely quick method of finding products if you know the product name or model number.

Other search features

Auto-Suggest delivers a higher CVR by providing enhanced navigation


If you use MARS EXPLORER, its Auto-Suggest function provides input assistance in the search box, enabling you to recommend products or guide customers to special feature pages. By displaying information that matches the entered search terms, it delivers advertising effectiveness without any unpleasant sense of intrusiveness.

Based on tests on actual e-commerce sites (BtoC), it boosted page views per visit by 2.7 times, with the number of purchases and the purchase price both increasing by more than 20%.


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