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Lead user to get exact information quickly and correctly.

It is a convenience feature to comply with a request that "The people who search for this keyword to check this page."

Used as an advertising tool

After registered at administration screen, It will be reflected immediately on the search results screen, also can provide campaigns and topical events info promptly.

Used as a communication tool

The case that the keywords user search for was different from the one on the Website happens frequently. Hot search can lead user to the target Web pages that you want, and realize a smooth communication between the company and users.


Supports "One Look" Thumbnail

Available to applying the feature "One Look" Thumbnail that displays product images instead.

More about "One Look" Thumbnail


Flexible Keyword Match

Select Opposite Match or Exact Match when you use hot search.

Opposite Match

If the search keyword had been be registered to Hot search. It will be displayed on Hot search area.
Suppose a part of the words only will be ok. It is highly comprehensiveness and possible to keep a minimum number and length of keywords.
Here to set the default.

(Example) The hit search keyword which registered「Search」to Hot Search.
 ・Website Search



Exact Match

Display as a recommended page, if the search keyword matched to the keyword registered.


Others functions of hot search

There are some others way to use hot search.

Empty hot search

Recommended pages can be displayed no matter what user filled in the keyword or not. usually without search word, no hits info will be displayed , But empty hot search feature can provide new information to the user, and decrease withdrawal.

Inevitably hot search

Whatever the search keyword is, recommended page will be displayed inevitably. Display the information that you want to convey to all the user.

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