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Visible Search

Patent pending.

Speedily finds the information you need

Existing search engine finds pages that includes search word. In addition to this, you had to find where the information is. But now Visible Search shows us clearly where is the information you need. This standard function makes you find information more rapidly.

Following link is real website search of MARS FLAG Asia Pacific that using Viisible Search. If you are accessing from PC, try thumbnails to click "ZOOM".

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Improves usability and experience

Browser in Browser

This function enables users to check the search result directly in a live frame (browser in browser). It can helps users to find the information faster and also will increase the PV number to your website.

Marker and Flags

Searched words are marked in a live frame. Easily to figure out where is the information you need. And displays flags on meta tags, title, alt and more.

Jump into next link

Possible to click links displayed in a live frame. You can read up next pages right now.

Supports PDF preview

You can browse PDF files too.

Visible PDF

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