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Reasons to Use MARS FLAG's Products

Why does MARS FINDER used by many leading companies?

Basic Features

Our development system which has patented technology

Our crawler was developed in-house. And we are proud in high level about its comprehensiveness. It is possible to collect information from most of the desired pages when crossing different domains. Index to the collected data which including images, and try to enable to search appropriately. This looks like a matter of course, but because the huge amount of data, the Websites have various purposes, and, all of them will change day by day. It is not easy to correspond. Search engine is a specialized field, But in the introduction and operation, Our system used ASP technology and will do its best to not take a burden to the person in charge. So please assess the performance of the basic features for the search engine and select a best one.

Devise the ease of the search

Devise ways to reduce the click to gain information easily.

We are devising ways to navigate the user who visit the corporate Website, and have adopted the system which can view the search results by checking the thumbnail image of the page. Therefore, we are not only focus on getting the desired information quickly, but also try to reduce the click to collect accurate log. The special feature of the search engine is to move the pages which has excellent visual to the top page. All of them are the bases of the advanced search engine. Furthermore, we are developing the new features to connect the customer and corporate Websites.

Operation after implementation

Working rate is more than 99.9%, and "evolutionary operation" which meet the needs

We are providing the service「MARS FINDER」with more than 99.9% working rate since it has been launched. From December 2009, we have achieved a working rate with 99.99% in total. About the security, We do the vulnerability scanner regularly, and has passed the audit standards of many leading companies. It is possible to add new functions after the operation began because MARS FINDER was developed in-house. and we recommends that before install our products, please consider the status of Website, operation person, budget. After several months of operation, please think about to add new features to optimizate the Website search function. We are evolving our search feature day by day to satisfy our customers which implemented our products.

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