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Smartphone support

We have got higher opinion of MARS FINDER's multi-device support with number of successful customers cases. And we just renewed our smartphone's templete more innovative. It displays many information including screen shots and search functions at first view, so users can search more intuitively.

smartphone UI search result arrow smartphone UI after swiped

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Improves usability of search functions

We redesigned MARS FINDER's search functions with following template renewal. Let us introduce some of them.

Intelligent Advisor (Suggest)

It is input assistance that helps users typing and displays suggestions in real time. It will relieve users from typing effort and reduces typo.

Drill Down

It is a search fuction that narrows down search results commonly used in portal sites and EC sites. It is helpful to find information they need from lots of search results.

Narrow Down by Periods

If you choose any period from calendar, it narrows down pages that updated in the period. It is suitable for find information of news and events.

Related Keywords

It gives users awareness by displaying the associated words related to the searched keyword. It increases page view per visit and duration of visit.

Supports dictation (for Android Chrome)

Can search anytime your hands off. Now we support Android Chrome. Other browser will supported soon.


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