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Globalization (Multi-Language Support)

The site search service available to the worldwide.

MARS FINDER is a globally-supported service, sensitive to the unique needs of companies advancing into overseas markets. For example, transmission speeds between China and Japan can be an issue for companies investing in China. MARS FINDER provides its search services from a data center in China to ensure prompt and reliable service. MARS FINDER continues to innovate and provide the best in web communication service between companies and local consumers.

Here is the customer cases

Support for Global Marketing and Website Governance

Not only can MARS FINDER provide search results page by country, it also can collect the search logs, allowing you to utilize the Global marketing tool in each country easily. And MARS FINDER's admin tools can be used in English (Japanese default). This allows for local corporations to share information with web masters across the globe. MARS FINDER supports marketing and website Governance at a global scale.

Multi-Lingual Support

The site search service MARS FINDER is not dependent on the languages used in website page. MARS FINDER is set up to show search results by country, and utilizes customized search results according to the country's specific culture and image requirements.

Language templates list

English, Japanese, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai, Arabic, Italan, Indonesian, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, German, Turkish, French, Vietnamese, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Persian. [Total 21 language on July 2017]

We have these default language templates. Also you can create a original language version with these editable labels.


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