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Feature List

MARS FINDER Standard Features

Standard features for all the MARS FINDER customers.

Custom Element Version

You can place search result screen on your web pages. Paste tags into arbitrary pages to using it.

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Smartphone Support

We renewed our smartphone's templete more innovative.

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Visible PDF

Check PDFs directly in a live frame (browser in browser).

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"One Look" Thumbnail

Make search results screen more attractive with products images.

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It is a convenience feature, shows results for "The people who search for this keyword to check this page."

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Intelligent Advisor

Word suggestions in real time to help quickly locate the exact page.

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Drill Down

Narrow down information as much as possible to find information from a large amount of data.

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Categorize search results.

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Did you mean?

Word suggestions and corrections.

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Search same result with different notation.

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Icon Display

Associates contents with different categories.

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Keyword Ranking

Show the keyword ranking on the search results screen.

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Related Keywords

Display the associated words related to the searched keyword.


Multi-Lingual template and management support.

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Change View

Adjust the number of results displayed per page and screen shot size.

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Sort by Date

Displays latest updated pages forward in keyword search results.

Narrow Down by Periods

Narrow down by updated periods in keyword search results.

Change Design

Change the design of search result screen.

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Admin Screen

You can check the various search logs and set the search service settings on the provided admin screen.

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MARS FINDER customers can try limited edition of "Website Quality Management Service MARS QUALITY".

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Responsive Design Support

Can flexibly fit to different screen width of multi-device.

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Visible Search

Check the search result directly in a live frame (browser in browser).

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Basic Authentication Support

Can crawl websites which controled with Basic Authentication and gets page captures.

SSL / IPv6 Support

Support SSL and IPv6.

Additional Options and Services

Multiple Sites Support

Cross-search by multiple sites to receive individual search logs of each site.

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Banner Display

Display relevant banners on the search results screen.

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Judge user's access area information automatically. Lead user to the page by displaying website information of each area, country or the country flag.

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Search Logs Analysing

Offer plans for website improvement according to analyzation of site search logs.

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