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Q&A - Outline

Answer the representative questions from our customers.

What is "MARS FINDER"?

It is a Website search service provided by the MARS FLAG Corporation. It served in ASP and characteristics are make user to "see" the search site image without check the Website results. More information can be provided to the user and help user to gain them faster and easily as a result.

What is "Website search"?

It is a feature that allows user to search in the Website then they visited. At present, It is common to search something on the Google or Yahoo. But in the corporate site, Site Search has become an essential tool to navigate user to get target information from a large number of pages. It is possible to display the relevant pages when user input a keyword in the search window of Website.

What is "ASP"?

"ASP" is an abbreviation for Application Service Provider. Professional service providers are providing the service. ASP benefits are as follows.

Please tell us about the search results image of "MARS FINDER".

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