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Q&A - Function

Answer the representative questions from our customers.

What kind of contents is search target?

Almost Html, pdf. And General dynamic page will be OK, but not all the page which has authentication. Please contact us if you have any anxiety.

Do the search contents have page limit?

It has no limit. We have the actual results of the Website which has more than 2.5 million pages.

What is "Recommendation"?

It is the function which in accordance with information set and display the thumbnail images with link to the specified page as "recommend Page" on the top of the search results page.

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What is the "Intelligent Advisor"?

It is a word suggestion feature in real time which can lead user to the exact page quickly and correctly.

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Is it able to search for the Website which hasn't been published yet?

Yes, It can support depended on consultation.

How about the update frequency of Website target data?

Once a day. The data which deleted the day before will be removed from the data of search target page.

Is it possible to hide the image pictures?


Tell me about the resolution of the gotten image pictures?

1,024×768px. It supports depended on consultation.

Is it possible to adjust the domain of search results page to the Website domain?

Yes, it is. But it needs to configure DNS by customer.

Is it possible to show the specific page to site visitors?

Yes, it is. And our company will set up all.

Is it possible to change the header and footer of the search results page?


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Is it possible to change the layout of the search results page?

Yes, It can support depended on consultation.

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Is it support with foreign languages like English and so on?

Yes, It can support depended on consultation.

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How to decide search ranking?

Decide search ranking by calculating match rate of words, title's string, layer of the path, amount of FLASH and images

Is it able to customize the search ranking?

Yes. It is possible to adjust ranking with not only page unit, directory unit, but also combination of page and keyword.

Could it search with orthographical variants?

Yes. Synonym and Intelligent advisor can help to search with orthographical variants.

Is it possible to have a similar search?

Yes. Synonym is able to correspond in synonym function.

Is it support with multiple domains?

No problem.

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