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This is a real website search of MARS FLAG Asia Pacific. Please have a look and experience.

Search result of "site search"

See Legacy ver.

Innovative UI

Responsive design support

MARS FINDER flexibly fits to responsive sites and multi-devices.

If you are accessing from PC, try previous demo to change your browser window width.

More about Responsive Design

Visible Search

This function enables users to check the search result directly in a live frame (browser in browser). It can helps users to find the information faster and also will increase the PV number to your website.

If you are accessing from PC, try previous demo and place cursor on thumbnails.

More about Visible Search

Helping smooth communication

"One Look" Thumbnail

Displays product image as thumbnail of search result. Differentiate information by "One Look" and attract attention with product image.

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This function is to meet the requirement that "I want users to see this page when they search this key word". To deliver information more straight forward.

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Various features of MARS FINDER

Fulfilling standard features improve usability of website search.

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