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MARS FINDER Website Search Service

Activates your website potential to the maximum. Website improvement gets more engagements.

Our customers

MARS FINDER speedily and correctly guides users to the infomation they need. Various search logs might be indexes for website improvement and that also helps smooth communication between company and customers.

We have got higher opinion of the search service that understandable and innovative. According to this, many leading company, organization and government offices are using our website search service MARS FINDER.

What is Website Search?

It is a function for find pages in a website by keyword. It is useful when users don't know where the information they need is or want to get pages more faster. With website contents growth, following search service has become to be an indispensable functions.

Effects of MARS FINDER

Finds easily & speedily

Search result screen clearly shows what these pages contain. Input assistance and multi-device support are full filling, so users can find infomation faster and easier even they're in outdoor.

Collects what users want

You can see what website users need by analysing search logs. Based on it, information not enough and difficult to find will be better. These awareness will improves website optimization.

Gives positive feeling

Well opened information that can get fast and easily gives favor and trust to website users. Lots of government offices, company's support center and web manuals are using MARS FINDER.

Characteristics of MARS FINDER

Easy operation

Just pasting a search box tag. No need to maintain, monitor and buy machines because it is based on cloud service.

Service Architecture

Various features

Higher usability like multi-device supports and features that enhances PV are completely available for all customers.

Feature List

Multi-lingual support

We have default 20 language templates and users can create any other language templates with editable labels.


Finds broken link

MARS FINDER includes MARS QUALITY Free Trial that automatically finds and notify website problems. It has no time limit for use.


Pricing per pages

The monthly fee of MARS FINDER will change by total number of web pages.

Flexible customizing

MARS FINDER has many standard features but if your website needs more, we will offer additional options that covers those requirements. Please ask details.

Additional Options and Services

Successful customer cases

Let us introduce some of our customers using MARS FINDER. Learn how they enhance website and web marketing with website search service.

More details

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