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Ultra-efficient FAQ site

Ultra-efficient FAQ site

By quickly and automatically generating website from Excel data, you can publish the FAQ site surprisingly quickly. Daily operation turns into simplest to the limit. You can manage the content just by editing the Q&A data of Excel. You don't need to learn about website creation.

Quick start up

Please give us your Excel data containing frequently asked questions, answers, category information, related links, etc. We build FAQ sites and searches in a short time.

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No need to organize categories or create navigations

Various search functions become navigations to the FAQ page. Users can solve problems by using rich navigations that can not be seen on existing websites.

No need to edit HTML too

You don't need to edit / create each page at all because the FAQ site is automatically generated from Excel data. Just edit the Excel data when you add or update the FAQ too.

No need to maintain

You have no need to maintain, monitor and buy machines because it is based on cloud service.

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