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Advanced FAQ search

Ultra-efficient FAQ site

A lot of Q&A information can be converted to FAQ site based on Excel data. You don't need to worry about organizing categories or creating navigations. With rich and easy navigations using search, users who do not have expert knowledge can reach the FAQ that meets the purpose.

Search functions of MARS FAQ

You can freely combine these search methods to narrow down the FAQ.


This is a search method that narrows the range from a large category to a deeper category like 'kitchen appliances > toaster'.

Category (single selection)

You can narrow down by type of troubles such as "display error" or "parts has broke".

Categories (multiple selections)

By combining two or more conditions, you can narrow down the FAQ that meets the purpose.

Keyword search

Can search by any words. This is an extremely quick method of solving problems if you know the product name or state of problems.

Additional option

Improve CVR with enhanced navigation

Search Box Recommendations MARS EXPLORER

If you use MARS EXPLORER, its Auto-Suggest function provides input assistance in the search box, enabling you to recommend products or guide customers to special feature pages. By displaying information that matches the entered search terms, it delivers advertising effectiveness without any unpleasant sense of intrusiveness. (Optional service available separately)


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