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MARS FAQ Instant Build

Excel Q&A data automatically turns into a FAQ site!

Are you organizing inquiries and questions from customers and making them data? If they can search and browse easily on the Internet, the website should support customers 24h/365d and utilize the data to solve the problems any time.

MARS FAQ (includes FAQ search and detail pages) helps you quickly make Q&A data owned by a company into FAQ site and deliver it to customers who need it. If you have Excel data, you can easily publish support sites that will lead to improve customer satisfaction.

Effects of MARS FAQ

Simple operation

No need to learn about website creation because it can automatically generate and manage contents from Excel Q&A data.

Anyone can solve problems

Search-based navigation and simple UI give users the hints to solve the problems more easily.

Gives positive feeling

Easy access to support information and solving the problem, you can get favor and trust from website users.

What you can do with MARS FAQ

Based on Excel data

FAQ Pages

This is a web page that displays detailed Q&A information. These are automatically generated from Excel data, no need to edit them at all.

Characteristics of MARS FAQ

Quick start up

Quick start up

No need to convert the FAQ information into HTML and create navigations. You can publish it quickly by auto-generation from data.

Ultra-efficient FAQ site

Various search functions

Various search functions

Can narrow down the FAQ information by freely combining search methods such as categories and keywords.

Advanced FAQ search

Multi-devices support

Multi-devices support

Even from outdoor, users can browse and search comfortably. Care for various devices is now essential.

Collects what users want

Collects what users want

Based on view and search logs, you can see highly needed or missing information.

Offer in a cloud

Offer in a cloud

You don't need to buy machines, server contract and monitoring because it is based on a cloud service.

Multi-lingual support

Using any language product data, We can generate FAQ site and make it available to search them.

You can solve the problems right now

You can solve the problems right now

Don't you have any problems like this when operating the FAQ site? These are concerns that many customers have in common in spite of service type and scale.

What's the 3 big problems?

Advanced technology and extensive experience

MARS FLAG has built FAQ searches in many companies so far, and has been successful in many cases leading to good relationship with their customers. Based on this experience, we can offer a plan that makes it easier to use our FAQ services.

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