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Advanced auto-suggest improves CVR

Why does the CVR go up when you use MARS EXPLORER? This is because, as well as improving usability, it can also accurately gauge user needs and actively guide users to their products.

MARS EXPLORER was first developed after consolidating search engine research results and then tested and enhanced in a large e-commerce site. Based on the concept of existing auto-suggest functionality, MARS EXPLORER works as a shopping concierge that continues to help customers 24/7 365 days a year.

Resolve the 3 Main problems of EC searches

1. There are a lot of user input errors

Provides appropriate guidance to users who aren't used to text input or who are typing in a mobile environment.

2. The slightest spelling discrepancy can result in no hits

Guides users to the products and categories that they might be looking for.

3. Users disengage while looking for products

Sustains the user's desire to purchase by providing a wide range of information related to the entered text.

Improves search usability

It quickly displays product names and categories, allowing users to search stress-free in environments that are difficult to type in.

Increases sales by eliminating loss of potential customers

It guides users straight to their desired products and increases the likelihood of purchase by reducing blank search results and user disengagement.

Strong on long tail demand

The comprehensive dictionary contains all sorts of data, allowing MARS EXPLORER to recommend special-interest products and other variations.

Mashes up multiple data sources!

Website's structural information

Displays the categories related to the entered text in the format "Foodstuffs > Drinks > Juice". Guides the user to the appropriate section.

Information displayed on a website

Automatically collects information from a website and displays any words or phrases that are in the product description. Effective when a word that is not a specific product name is entered.

History of search terms that returned a hit

Collects and displays words and phrases that returned a hit when searched for by users. By prioritizing the display of recently collected words and phrases, you can instantly cover fluctuations in demand caused by changes in fashion or the season.

Product database

Contains all sorts of information, such as model number, price, size, color, taste etc. If the same product comes in red and blue or in 3kg or 10kg bags, all this information is displayed below the search box. This prevents user disengagement by allowing users to make a quick selection.

Based on all this data ...

A comprehensive shopping guide is created by gathering together all sorts of data. The aim is not just to display lots of information. MARS EXPLORER actively guides users towards products by accurately gauging their demand from the words and phrases that they enter and presenting them with a visually appealing UI using thumbnail images and icons.

Examples of this are shown above. You can customize the design and displayed items to suit your website and users.

*The technology for using words and phrases collected from a website for input assistance has been patented by MARS FLAG. (Patent number: 4516103)

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