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Flexible conduction control

MARS EXPLORER offers flexible conduction settings to meet company-specific needs. It recommends products by enhancing search usability, eliminating user disengagement due to blank search results and accurately ascertaining user needs.

Customizable design and display items

MARS EXPLORER offers companies the freedom to build their own UIs. Firmly guide users with an attractive screen display.

Search for words beginning with or containing the search string + fuzzy search

Displays products that the user may be looking for, based on input of a few letters. Prevents loss of potential customers by eliminating blank search results.

Adjustable priority (display order)

You can guide users by prioritizing the display of certain words or phrases.

Refine categories with specific keywords

Refine products by converting words or phrases (adjectives or technical terms) into category information.

Support for link with external web APIs

It can be used with other input assistance services (partial display of other services in MARS EXPLORER).

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