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CEO写真 Beyond Emotion.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our services have been a favorite among various customers, including Japanese representative companies and the government. We are trying our best to provide services with high quality, reasonable cost, and stable operation to exceed our customers' expectations.

In addition, we are also actively working to develop new features and global response in the diverse needs of our customers, comforts, such as a data center in Beijing, China, the net international network, strengthening sales channels overseas, such as the adoption of foreigners I have also focused on strengthening the international response. We believe it is the responsibility to know the trend of the times, have a vision to realize that as innovators. I'm truly sure that advanced technology is what can be used comfortably even without special knowledge.

Also believe that is the "excitement" which has exceeded the "utility". From these feelings, this year we defined our company's credo "MARS WAY" to "Beyond Emotion. Search! from technology to impression." We would like to continue to exist as a company which provides the infrastructure like new search engine with the creators around the World, and bring "excitement" to all the customers in the future.

Shinya Takei

MARS FLAG Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

The origin of Emotion. CEO写真

My experience with computers started at a young age. I first touched machine code when I was 6 years old. Ever since then I've been inspired by the creative and logical world of technology. As a student I manipulated assemblers and constructed host servers. I feel the structure which can search and organize similar data is essential for the development of search engines, the root of my business promotion. At the same time, development of the interpreted language utilizing open source had become superior to proprietary software. From that time, I had a dream to found a company with true craftsmanship, a vision I share with my co-founder. Living in mainstream technology gives me the opportunity to witness this excitement firsthand.

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