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Privacy Policy

1. Basic concept

MARS FLAG Asia Pacific Pte Ltd will clearly define the purpose for collecting personal information and properly handle the personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the original purpose of data collection. Personal information will not be used for other purposes. Also, MARS FLAG Asia Pacific Pte Ltd will strive to review the contents of this Privacy Policy.

2. Extent of collection information

Personal information collected form inquiries such as name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, and information relating to Website automatically. (Such as Internet domain ・ IP address). Also the cookie.

3. Purpose for collecting personal information

Use the personal information at the following purposes.

1. In order to realize the services which requested by our customer, we will take the necessary communication.

2. In order to send information to customers which requested by them.

3. In order to analyze the data to improve our service's quality.

4. In order to publish the aggregate data which can not be identified the personal.

5. In order to notify about the important information such as interruption, defect, modification of the service that we provided.

6. Without customer consents, MARS FLAG Asia Pacific Pte Ltd will recommend services that we provided to our customers.

4. Restrictions on Utilization of Personal Information

Use the personal information at the following purposes.

1. If the third party which is interested in our services introduced by you. In addition to this privacy policy, the privacy policy of the third party is applied. We will not hold responsibility of damage caused by the third party.

2. We may contract part of our personal information handling operation. In such a case, we select a contractor who is expected to properly handle personal information, and we will perform necessary and appropriate supervision.

3. We may provide the aggregate data which can not be identified the personal to a third party.

4. We will respond without delay to requests from legal instruction for disclosure of relevant personal information without customer consents.

5. We may provide personal information to a third party without customer consents, when we concluded the contents of your inquiries are suitably to be answered by our affiliated companies.

5. Extent of application

This privacy policy only applies to this Website. We will not hold responsibility which handling of personal information on external websites, even it has the link to this page.

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