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Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Vice President
Mr. Shunsuke Yamamoto

MARS FLAG Corporation
President / CEO
Sinya Takei

Fuji Xerox Thailand

"Outsourcing": The way to protect the knowledge and know-how

<Takei> Mr. Yamamoto, do you have any points to pay attention for Japanese head quarter Web master who overall control the entire world?

<Mr. Yamamoto> You need to keep in mind of Thailand's nationality. They really like to rush for a conclusion.

<Takei> Could you give me more specific example for that point?

<Mr. Yamamoto> Incentive system absorbs a huge percentage in Thailand's companies. In that sense, businessmen easily know how to calculate their salary by selling goods. This makes hard to achieve sales promotion for company in a long run business strategy as working as a team. Incentive system will harm company attraction and may also impede the mobility of human resources.

<Takei> In the current situation of economy down turn, it gives negative impact to company when staff members switch back and forth of their jobs.

<Mr. Yamamoto> It is true that firms endeavor to stop losing highly capable personnel. Our business model is at a turning point of concerning importance of human resources due to not only losing personnel but also their knowledge and experiences. The countermeasure is task for outsourcing that differs from Japan.

<Takei> As case of our company, we successfully enable to create a completed outsourcing system as a new business model of search solutions such as ASP and SaaS. Like as other competitors, they just send one complete sets of hard system and let the others to install into their private brand systems. Complete system kit only includes hardware equipment, cable, and English manual sheet.

<Mr. Yamamoto> Oh really...

<Takei> We are very confident in supporting those outsourcing part, so our customers do not have to worry about taking extra time to work on. This system makes very easy to control the searching result by your own effort to operate even for PR experts, chief executives in small and medium-sized enterprise.

<Mr. Yamamoto> We appreciate you're trustfully company's solution systems for building up our backyard. Our promotion department does not have IT expert, but we are understandable that only two staffs handle without having any problems as exchanging human material.

<Takei> Japanese firms are currently having difficulties for allocate more people in an IT department. The demanding on outsourcing has become flexible and will be consider as a growing sector in future prospect. We are going to take this conversation as a new hint in able to achieve newest development. Thank you.

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