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Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Vice President
Mr. Shunsuke Yamamoto

MARS FLAG Corporation
President / CEO
Sinya Takei

Fuji Xerox Thailand

"Common": The way to search for something using official site inside and outside of company

<Takei> "Google" and "Yahoo! Japan" engine sites have been playing an important role in Japan. Using these two types of searching engines are recognized as Internet. Does this kind of acknowledgement is same as in Thailand?

<Mr. Yamamoto> Yes, firms recommend Google to obtain latest information.

<Takei> So in the circumstances, firms gain customer information and knowing world trend with exploring search engine. Those information sources can be utilized part of their proposal in their business scene.

<Mr. Yamamoto> Yes, it is very common nowadays to check company information using WEB and official site to build a better understanding about companies before getting in touch with your new potential customers in business.

<Takei> Each firm updates their web site, but its frequency is different from one to another. I am interested in how Thailand's' firms maintain and handle their information. As you have your own regional office in Thailand, what other guidelines you are practicing for transmitting data information?

<Mr. Yamamoto> Every company has its own guideline of cooperate identity and their compliance rule is quite similar with others. However, they aim to retain and transmit newest information. It was common that a year ago news were widely posted on the headline of information.

<Takei> Why did you want to improve drastically in that part?

<Mr. Yamamoto> First of the reason is that every company try to look for official information. It is easier to look up at a company official site for knowing how and what does Thailand's companies are working toward with productive activities such as environment and recycling issues. This News release in the official sites has become useful promoting tools to their customers for sales and marketing sectors.

<Takei> Web designing printing technologies, What it called "Printability", is getting more significant than before in order to visualize clearly when printing out design artwork from a printer.

<Mr. Yamamoto> So that explains from our previous conversation, it is desirable to leave all information goes smoothly not only inside company, but also outside of company. Therefore, Site Search is very important to engage the above matter.

<Takei> It is necessarily to have Site Search if many people start using content sectors in the current official site. Our company's strong point in terms of content sectors in the official site is that we are able to make it visible and easy to use. Therefore, you may increase your content as many as you want. In fact, some of our clients experienced increasingly 2 to 3 fold on the number of contents after brought in "MARS FINDER".

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