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Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Vice President
Mr. Shunsuke Yamamoto

MARS FLAG Corporation
President / CEO
Sinya Takei

Fuji Xerox Thailand

"Difference between Thailand and Japan": The way of spreading rate of personal computer and information communication environment

<Takei> "MARS FINDER" which is an Site Search Service appears in each individual website has been increasingly adapted in Japan. In order to accomplish a significant advance, it is important to make extensive plans for such a scenario of Internet network in global market. Fuji Xerox Thailand who will be our first foreign customer, we would like to hear about the situation of WEB and Internet services in Thailand.

<Mr. Yamamoto> Fuji Xerox's overseas marketing strategy is handled by theregional headquarters located in Singapore. What the WEB master does forduty is to launch a new strategy of Internet environment with aconsideration in having a full understanding of cultural and economicalbackground in respective countries, which is the most struggling partfor them. The simplest example is that Thailand's communicationenvironment is different from Japan.

<Takei> As far as environment in Internet connection of Japan is concerned, dial up connection is no longer highly used. ADSL network is covered 99% of Japan; on the other hand optical fiber covers 80%.

<Mr. Yamamoto> Unlike dial up connection, ADSL has been populated in each Thailand's household. Data transfer speed from 50 to 100 Mega bits per second is available in Bangkok area. Though there is leas line provided by Telecommunication Company, it has faster data transfer speed used in enterprises, but still costs 1 million Yen.

<Takei> That is expensive compare to Japan. It is only 100,000 Yen.

<Mr. Yamamoto> One more different thing is spreading rate of personal computer. Half of population in Thailand work as farmers; most of them hardly get in touch with PC environment. Even though net book has been hitting the streets dramatically at the price point of 10,000 Baht (30,000 Yen) among business men, Only 70 percent of the population among business men are able to afford and use personal computer in their houses.

<Takei> Does it mean that most of people are fully utilized the Internet or personal computer, but they do not have any chances to use them in their private life?

<Mr. Yamamoto> Not exactly. Cellular phone has been playing an important role here in Thailand since 10 years. Fixed line business costs here in Thailand a lot unlike Japan, therefore the current cellular phone is commonly used per person.

<Takei> Come to think of it, I have seen someone using "iPhone" at an exclusive shopping center before. Don't you think that a cost of iPhone cellular phone is still expensive there?

<Mr. Yamamoto> Yes, it costs 60,000 Yen, which we need to give up one-month salary for a manager post. It is very common for them to use iPhone to play games and purchase goods at the online shopping. For this reason, backup systems banking security level for finance has been improved a lot since then. I am sure EC system in Thailand will be an interested aspect in the future.

<Takei> In that sense, the ability of Thailand's Internet penetration is not something to be taken lightly.

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