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Ceo Message

 To accelerate communication with the human and environment-friendly search technology.

 Thank you for visiting our website. This is a brief introduction of our company.

The Founding of Our Company

Revolutionize by the firm technology and friendly user interface.

MARS FLAG Corporation Founder&CEO Shinya Takei

 Our company was founded in 1998 with the main mission of improving search engine technology and user interfaces that work with two-way broadband services.
 Before restructuring our organization in 2004, we went through a R&D phase with a focus on fundamental research development and patent applications.
 This period of technology accumulation corresponds to our fundamental belief in the importance of skill and technology.

What the company name means?

Putting a Flag on Mars

 In 1969, human landed on the moon for the first time. The impossible became possible.
 The knowledge used back then has become the fundamental know-how in heading to Mars as well.
 The next mission for human beings is to go Mars and execute further research.
 Putting a flag on Mars may seem impossible at the moment, but with human intelligence and diligence, it will become possible one day.
 Although we are not a space development institution, we make the impossible become possible in the field of the Internet business, and have used the name "MARS FLAG" to constantly remind ourselves of the skills, knowledge, and speediness that are required to succeed in our business. Our company's name signifies our belief that humans can always make the impossible become possible.

Making Things Easier!

The search solutions of the future

 Since starting marketing activities in 2004, we have used our accumulated search technology and unique ideas to launch our Internet portal business. With such know-how in portal business, we started a new business called "MARS FINDER" which is a search solution provider for websites. Since its launch on September 2006, it has been receiving positive customer feedback.
 The explosive growth of Internet use, along with the improved net connectivity of mobile phones and electrical appliances, has increased the amount of information available on the Internet. However, without the ability to search and categorize information accurately, the information becomes worthless. Now, the world recognizes the significance of search technology as the core of the IT revolution.
 On the other hand, the Stone Age of simply matching results with keywords has come to an end. There is a growing demand to minimize the gap between content providers and information users with more advanced technology and more expressive methodology. Our mission is to stay ahead in the market.
 We leverage various information search technologies, patents, and ideas to collect, categorize, and visualize the massive amount of information. As the provider of "viewable" solutions, we develop and provide revolutionary services, with a focus on bringing customer satisfaction, in hopes of leading the Internet industry.

MARS FLAG Corporation Founder&CEO Shinya Takei

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